Do You Accept Credit Cards For Your Fitness Training?

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Got an interesting question yesterday…

Might just make it easier for you to get a few extra clients, too.

And increase your monthly recurring revenue.

But before I share it (and my answer) with you, I want to just remind you real quick that today is the last day to save up to 75% off with my Merry Christmas sale.

You can get all the details here:

Anyway, here’s the question that might help you out…


Hey Allen,

Thanks for the great client getting ideas the ...

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Just Copy-and-Paste This Email To Get a New Fitness Client Today…

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Here’s another easy fitness client-getter for you…

All you gotta do is copy-and-paste the below email I’ve written for you and send it out to your list of fitness prospects.

It’ll probably get you a new client today (if you use it).


It’d probably also be a good idea to mail this out to your former clients, too.

Sending out this kind of an email is really good at converting prospects into new clients… but it’s also pretty darn good at reactivating former clients.

Anyway, ...

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9 Specific Ways to Get New Fitness Clients For Christmas

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How many new clients do you want for Christmas?




I’m about to show you how you can get just about as many clients as you want between now and the upcoming New Year’s resolution rush that’s on its way.

9 specific ways, to be exact.

And the cool part is…

None of them are hard.

Especially when you think about it like this…

It’s almost Christmas… and all your prospects are out there eating, drinking, and being merry.

And they’re packing on pounds they don’t want to ...

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Personal Trainers With the “Mark of the Beast”…

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Ever seen “The Omen”?

It’s a horror flick about a lady who suffers (not sure what other word to use to describe it if not “suffers”) from an Immaculate Conception by Satan.

So she gives birth to a son named Damien.

And he’s got the Mark of the Beast, 666, as a birth mark.

Makes the kid from “Problem Child” look like a goodie-two-shoes.

Goes around causing destruction, terror, and mayhem for everyone the whole rest of the movie (and in all the sequels, too).

Well, ...

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Why “Done-For-You” Fitness Marketing Is DUMB

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I’ve had a lot of clients fall for it, too…

Bought into all the hype and hub-bub, so they tried it. I mean, they’re just as busy as either of us, so when the goo-roos show up talking about all the new clients you’ll get without having to actually *DO* anything to get ’em…


Sounds good, right?

But does that “done-for-you” fitness marketing stuff actually work at getting new clients?

From what I’ve seen (and dozens of my clients will attest)…


It doesn’t.

And ...

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The Big Lie We’ve Been Suckered Into Believing

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I understand why we fall for it.

Really, I do.

I mean, who doesn’t want to believe it? Hell, I’d sure do it if it actually worked. Who wouldn’t, right?

So, when the goo-roos of this industry push it on us, and tell us how brain-dead easy it is…

How the clients will just start “flocking” to us (as if they were migrating birds or something)…

And with all the amazing success stories that almost prove it’s true – if it ...

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Why Your Fitness Marketing Is FAILING At Getting You Clients

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There are several reasons for it really.

But today, let’s talk about what are probably the TWO MAIN reasons….

The first reason (like I alluded to here) is because they don’t know you enough yet to LIKE you. And that means, they also don’t trust you enough to hire you just yet.

Now, don’t take that the wrong way…

It’s not to say they DIS-like you or DIS-trust you, or anything… it’s just ...

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It’s Like A Giant Condom (For Your Fitness Business)…

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I’ve got a question for you…

Do you know what accountants use for birth control?

Their personalities.

Ha ha ha. That’s funny right there…

I don’t care WHO you are.

That is, unless you’re my accountant (don’t worry… it’s okay. He doesn’t read my emails, so he’ll never know we’re talking about him behind his back).

Now, my intention isn’t so much for you and I to sit here making fun of the guy, but…

He IS kinda dull and boring.

And while ...

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The 3 M’s of Fitness Client Attraction

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Let’s talk about getting new personal training clients for a sec.

But before we do, I wanna tell you about an interesting conversation I had with a trainer from the UK recently.

Pretty sure this whole thing came about because of some comments I made earlier in the week about fitness marketing pieces, market positioning, and how when you use shitty marketing pieces that give you shitty positioning…

It’s (no surprise) gonna work out pretty shitty.

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How I Learned To Sell Fitness Stuff Online (And How You Can Too)

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I’ve been called a lot of things…

Some I’m not gonna repeat here. And some are (while pretty flattering) just simply not true.

For example, I’ve been called:

a “Fitness Copywriting Genius”

I don’t really think that’s the case, but like I said, kinda flattering. I DO know my stuff when it comes to selling fitness stuff online, that’s for sure…

But I’m no genius.

Not by a long shot.

(Hell, if you could spend 20 or 30 minutes trapped in this ADD, OCD head ...

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How To Heal Your Fitness Client-Losing Boo-Boo’s

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I have a feeling I should stock up on Neosporin.

Pretty sure we’re fixin’ to need a LOT of it for my son Dylan.

He’s always whackin’ himself in the face with toys, and this past weekend at my daughter Destiny’s 14th birthday party, he really got roughed up…

Had to walk my mom out to her van, so I left Destiny and her BFF (Bree) in charge of watching him for a second until I got back.

Bad idea.

On the way back in, ...

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